PurOtic® Ear Cleaner 100% Natural REGULAR STRENGTH

Is your dog refusing to come when called? Not running over with his usual enthusiasm at the sound of kibble hitting the bowl? He may have what we professionals in the industry call "ear gunk."

Okay, so he can probably still hear you calling (even if he does ignore you), but ear problems are still the #1 issue addressed by veterinarians. And paying for a good ear cleaning can not only be hard on the wallet, but sometimes it's also hard on your pet.

Our PurOtic Regular Strength ear cleaner is specially designed to remove built-up wax and debris in dogs and cats. It uses Docusate sodium, the same active ingredient used in emergency rooms across the country in infants and young children with impacted ears. It contains no alcohol and no sulfates, but instead uses our proprietary blend of botanicals and pure water. The result is cleaner, healthier ears, so your pet stays comfortable and able to hear you loud and clear. The patented tip is made from silicone, allowing PurOtic to reach deep into the inner ear canal, so it cleans more thorough, preventing or reversing ear impactions, so you can forego those expensive vet trips with the same great results, and greater comfort for your pet in the process. The tip is safe and effective for even dogs and cats who resist cleanings – no pokes or painful jabs.

Use PurOtic Regular Strength Ear Cleaner:

  • If your dog resists ear cleaning and needs an easier and more comfortable method for keeping his ears clean
  • If your dog gets frequently impacted ears and you need a painless way to keep him clear
  • If you're tired of spending a fortune on cleanings at the vet

With our patented blend of botanical ingredients, you may also find that our ear cleaner helps prevent infections, even in dogs who are prone to them.

PurOtic contains:

  • Oregon Grape Extract - Contains berberine a natural antibiotic anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Yellow Dock Extract - Contains anthraquinone's a natural anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Green Tea Extract - High in polyphenols to reduce irritation. Lemongrass Fragrance Oil - Leaves a pleasant citrus scent.
  • Lemongrass Fragrance Oil - Leaves a pleasant citrus scent.
  • Docusate sodium, which is a gentle emulsifier that is great at breaking up debris and waxy buildup
  • no alcohol or sulfates

PurOtic is the safest and most effective canine (and feline!) ear cleaning solution on the market! We guarantee it!