PurOtic® 100% Natural Ear Dryer

  • That say a waterlogged dog is a happy dog, but unfortunately, that doesn't apply to his ears. Excess moisture, wax and other buildup not only create a breeding ground for infection causing bacteria, but foul odors as well. Yuck.

    PurOtic Ear Dryer is formulated to take care of excess moisture, cut down on funky odors, and prevent infections when used as part of your grooming routine. It'll also help take care of excess wax and debris, leaving your pet's ears clean and clear.

    Our ear dryer is great for dogs who have itching in the ears as well, as it contains our unique blend of natural ingredients to help soothe and relieve stubborn itch. It won't irritate the skin further, as it contains aloe Vera to help restore skin to a healthier state.

    Got a squeamish pup? Our patented silicone tip is designed for safety, even in pets who squirm during grooming. The soft and flexible tip not only gets deep down inside the ears for a more thorough cleaning, but it's also super gentle and save to use – no poking, prodding or jabbing. Just apply to the inside of your dog's ears, and he'll experience instant relief.

  • PurOtic Ear Dryer Active Ingedients:

    • Aloe Vera Gel for instant, soothing itch relief that promotes healthier skin
    • Diatomaceous Earth (food grade silica) absorbs excess moisture and prevents related infections
    • Chamomile is a natural anti-septic and anti-inflammatory, preventing bacterial growth while calming irritated skin
    • Tea Tree naturally prevents bacteria, viral and fungal overgrowth to keep ears healthy and fresh smelling
    • Clove Oil is nature's analgesic
    • Echinacea stimulates the immune system to help prevent or fight off infections
  • Our PurOtic ear drying formula is alcohol and sulfate free, so it won't sting when applied. Your dog may actually enjoy ear cleaning time!

    Want to give it a try? Our products are guaranteed and backed by our money back policy.


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